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Computational Vision Group
part of the Computing Research Group

PETS Performance Evaluation of Tracking and SurveillancePicture from the project AVITRACKPicture from the project SAFEETerrain Feature Classification of LIDAR DataPicture from the project REASON
PETS Metrics Algorithm Evaluation ServicePicture from the project ISCAPSPicture from the project ADVISORPicture from the project ANFASCar counting

This research group is concerned with the computational issues of perception and reasoning in relation to image interpretation. There is a present focus on automated CCTV analysis for security and threat assessment.

Contact Information

Computational Vision Group,
School of Systems Engineering,
P.O. Box 225, Whiteknights,
Reading, UK, RG6 6AY. (map)
Tel: +44 118 378 6697, Fax: +44 118 975 1822.
E-mail: james@computer.org



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