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IEEE 2005 Winter Vision Multi-Meeting

IEEE International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance (PETS)

January 7, 2005

(in conjunction with WACV'05 and Motion'05)

Breckenridge, Colorado


In Cooperation with IEEE Computer Society
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The advance programme is available here.

For the Winter Vision meeting PETS workshop the theme is target detection and tracking. A new dataset is available here

In recent years there has been considerable interest in the visual surveillance of wide area scenes.  The recent, rapid increase in the number of CCTV cameras has expedited the demand for automatic methods of processing their output. 

The growth in the development of the field has not been met with complementary systematic performance evaluation of developed techniques. It is especially difficult to make comparisons between algorithms if they have been tested on different datasets under widely varying conditions. 

PETS2005 continues the theme of the highly successful PETS workshops on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance. The workshop series is unique in that all participants are testing algorithms on the same datasets. In January 2005, PETS will be co-located along with two other long-running workshops, Motion 2005 and WACV 2005. 

For PETS2005, the theme is target detection and tracking.

The datasets will be made available to participants of the workshop session. The aims of the workshop are several-fold: 

  • to bring together researchers interested in the area of target detection and tracking
  • to apply different algorithms to the same dataset(s)
  • to evaluate the differences between different models and algorithms
  • to discuss which criteria should be used for objective evaluation
  • to discuss how to document the performance (including accuracy) of visual surveillance algorithms
  • to discuss the development of a methodology for testing algorithms
  • to discuss the ongoing development of a testbed and guidelines for performing empirical comparative tests.
Who should attend?  Anyone interested in target detection and tracking and/or performance evaluation/characterisation of vision algorithms. 
Steering Committee
James L. Crowley I.N.P. Grenoble, France
James Ferryman The University of Reading, UK

Programme Committee
Terry Boult University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, USA
Patrick Courtney Perkin Elmer Life Science, Cambridge, UK
James L. Crowley I.N.P. Grenoble, France
Larry Davis The University of Maryland, USA
Tim Ellis Kingston University, London, UK
Shaogang Gong Queen Mary, University of London, UK
Steve Maybank Bitbeck College, University of London, UK
Arthur Pece The University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Justus Piater I.N.P. Grenoble, France
Gerhard Rigoll Gerhard-Mercator-University, Duisburg, Germany
Stan Sclaroff Boston University, USA
Andrew Senior IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, New York, USA
Tieniu Tan NLPR, Beijing, China

  Provisional Timetable
First announcement: June 2004
Datasets disseminated: October 2004
Deadline for electronic paper submission: December 1
Notification of acceptance/rejection: December 7 2004
Deadline for final paper: December 15 2004
Date of workshop: January 7 2005
The IEEE 2005 Winter Vision Meeting PETS workshop will be held in Breckenridge, Colorado on January 7 2005. The workshop is being held in conjunction with Motion 2005 and WACV 2005 as part of the IEEE 2005 Winter Vision Multi-Meeting

Travel to Breckenridge

For flights via London, the following airline/travel websites provide good fares:

The provisional set of papers (with associated abstracts) will be available on December 7 2004. 

For an idea of the proceedings, you may like to consult the electronic proceedings for previous PETS workshops, for example, PETS'2001 located here.

To register for the workshop please visit the IEEE 2005 Winter Vision Multi-Meeting main page.   Note that you are only required to pay one registration fee for access to all three workshops (PETS, Motion, WACV). 
The PETS workshop is considering a new dataset and also previous PETS datasets. 

The new data is available here. If you wish to use previously published PETS datasets to test surveillance algorithms, you may wish to consider the PETS repository located here

You can access the data via http or via ftp:
ftp> ftp.pets.rdg.ac.uk  with login: anonymous password: your email address.

The datasets include the following:

  • [1] outdoor people and vehicle tracking (single camera), available here.  Details on the dataset specification is available here
  • [2] outdoor people and vehicle tracking (two synchronised views; includes omnidirectional and moving camera) (annotation available), available here.  Details on the dataset specification is available here.
  • [3] indoor people tracking (and counting) and hand posture classification data (annotated), available here.  Details on the dataset specification is available here.
  • [4] annotation of a smart meeting (annotation available).  Includes facial expressions, gaze and gesture/action, available here.  Details on the dataset specification is available here.
  • [5] outdoor people tracking - football data (two views), available here.  Details on the dataset specification is available here.
To be kept informed of the latest news on the workshop, please send an email with title "PETS2005" to pets2005-info@visualsurveillance.org >>> 
E-mail: pets2005-info@visualsurveillance.org

The results of processing the datasets should be submitted in XML format.  The details (available soon) will be given here. 

  Instructions for Authors
You are invited to contribute a paper to the workshop in the following ways:

Papers are solicted which

  • (1) Describe an approach to target detection and/or tracking and reports results based on the datasets provided for this workshop available here OR based on previously published PETS datasets (see above), The paper should include evaluation of the results obtained on the data.
  • (2) Contribute to performance evaluation methodologies for tracking and/or surveillance.  This can be a general paper outlining, for example, a new methodology for evaluation, or performance evaluation best practice etc.  It is not necessary to explictly consider the datasets provided for the workshop, however you are encouraged to use previous PETS datasets (see above) available here.
The final paper format is IEEE two-column and papers should be prepared using this format. The author kit which contains detailed instructions about the preparation of the paper is available at ftp://ftp.computer.org/press/outgoing/proceedings/. The maximum page length of the final paper is 8 pages.

All printed material, including illustrations, must be kept within a print area of 6-7/8 inches (17.5 cm) wide by 8-7/8 inches (22.5 cm) high. A detailed description of the format is given in the IEEE Author Guidelines. There is a simple LaTex template for this format that may assist you in meeting this format. Or see the MS word template. The submitted file should be in Postscript or PDF format.

Please submit your paper as an email attachment to pets2005@visualsurveillance.org
The paper should be named by concatenating the names of the authors' last names followed by a single digit in the case of multiple submissions by the same authors.

Do not identify authors in the submitted paper.  All reviewing will be double blind, so the paper must not include any information which allows the authors to be identified.  The names of the authors, however, should be entered along with other details in the email submission. 

For guidance on style, you may like to consult the electronic proceedings for PETS'2000 located here. The electronic proceedings for PETS'2001 are located here.

  Further Information
  IEEE 2005 Winter Vision Multi-Meeting
The main website for the IEEE 2005 Winter Vision Multi-Meeting may be found here.
The generic visual surveillance resource visualsurveillance.org may be found here

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