PETS 2009
Miami, Florida - 25 June 2009

In Conjunction with IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

PETS 2009

Eleventh IEEE International Workshop on
Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance

One-day workshop organised in association with CVPR 2009, supported by the EU project SUBITO.

The datasets for PETS 2009 consider crowd image analysis and include crowd count and density estimation, tracking of individual(s) within a crowd, and detection of separate flows and specific crowd events. Click on the link to the left to view the benchmark data.

NEWS: 25/06/09 A follow-on PETS workshop, using the PETS09 datasets, will take place in Snowbird, Utah, on December 9th 2009, as part of the IEEE Winter Meetings. More details including CFP here.

NEWS: 25/06/09 The workshop proceedings are now available online here.

NEWS: 28/04/09 The submission deadline has been extended to 07 May 2009. No further extension will be given.

NEWS: 08/04/09 The submission requirements have been updated - please see Author Instructions for further details

NEWS: The workshop datasets are now available under Benchmark Data. To keep up to date on PETS2009 please send an email with Subject: subscribe to

NEWS: A limited number of DVDs containing the datasets are available; if you have difficulty downloading the data, please email with your full postal address and a DVD will be sent to you

Workshop Organisation

Steering Commitee

James Ferryman, University of Reading, UK

James L. Crowley, INP Grenoble, France

Workshop Organiser:
Ali Shahrokni, University of Reading, UK
Programme Commitee (TBC)

Call for Papers

Visual surveillance is a major research area in computer vision. The scientific challenge in crowd image analysis is to devise and implement automatic systems for obtaining detailed information about the movements of, and collective behaviour of, individuals and groups within a crowded scene observed by a single camera or by a network of cameras.  

Crowd image analysis is a key technology in the following areas:

The growth in the development of the field has not been met with complementary systematic performance evaluation of developed techniques. It is especially difficult to make comparisons between algorithms if they have been tested on different datasets under widely varying conditions. 

A one day workshop is being held in Miami in conjunction with CVPR 2009. The workshop continues the theme of the highly successful PETS workshops. This workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in performance evaluation of visual tracking and surveillance algorithms. The workshop is also unique in that all participants are evaluating algorithms on the same datasets. Further to this, the workshop is an opportunity to present and discuss methodologies and criteria for objective evaluation of visual surveillance algorithms.  

For PETS 2009, the theme is multi-sensor tracking and event recognition in crowded public areas. This includes low-level analysis: crowd person count and density estimation; mid-level analysis: tracking of an individual or individuals within a crowd; high-level analysis: detection of separate flows and specific crowd events.

Submissions are solicited which: 

The datasets will be made available to participants of the workshop session. The focus of the datasets is on crowd image analysis and includes the following categories: i) person count and density estimation, ii) tracking of individual(s) within a crowd, and iii) anomalous crowd movements, of increasing complexity, captured using multiple sensors.

Important Dates

6 March 2009
Public release of challenge video datasets
30 March 2009
Publication of submission requirements/dd>
7 May 2009
*Extended* deadline for electronic paper submission
26 May 2009
Notification of acceptance
3 June 2009
Deadline for camera-ready version
25 June 2009
Date of workshop in Miami


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