Advances in Model-based Traffic Vision

A. D. Worrall, G. D. Sullivan, K. D. Baker

Department of Computer Science,

University of Reading, RG6 6AY, UK



Model based vision allows use of prior knowledge of the shape and appearance of specific objects to be used in the interpretation of a visual scene; it provides a powerful and natural way to enforce the view consistency constraint. A model based vision system has been developed within ESPRIT VIEWS: P2152 which is able to classify and track moving objects (cars and other vehicles) in complex, cluttered traffic scenes. The fundamental basis of the method has been previously reported. This paper presents recent developments which have extended the scope of the system to include (i) multiple cameras, (ii) variable camera geometry, and (iii) articulated objects. All three enhancements have easily been accommodated within the original model-based approach

Keywords: Model-based vision, multiple cameras, moving cameras, articulated objects.

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