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Data Fusion for Flood Analysis and Decision Support

ANFAS is a collaborative project with partners including INRIA, ERCIM, BRGM, and the Institute of Automation (Beijing). The aim is to use multiple sources of data including optical images, radar and geological information to build a detailed terrain model. The model will then be the basis of a computational model for predicting the effects of floods and assessing the different methods which might be used for flood control. There is a large Chinese contribution, motivated by the severe flooding which occurs each year in China.


Images taken from airborne sensors are fused to provide information for the experts in simulation of river flood and its consequences. This image is a perspective view of a dyke along the river Vah (Slovakia).

Example of a laser scan of an area in the north of England, representing the relief of the terrain around a floodplain with very high accuracy. Data courtesy of the Environment Agency.

This interactive picture shows a landscape of an area in the north of England produced with a laser scanner. In the project ANFAS we extract features from this kind of data, useful for the simulation of river floods. Click and drag to rotate the view, press the key `s' for stereo. The actual data has much higher resolution than this example.

Project Homepage: http://www.ercim.org/ANFAS (external link)

Last modified: 2005-07-05