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Aircrafts surroundings, categorised Vehicles & Individuals Tracking for apRon's Activity model interpretation & ChecK

AVITRACK aims at producing a powerful decision-aid tool for airport actors concerned by turnover operations. Such tool will improve their global performance, for each of their specific domains of activity.


AVITRACK is developing an intelligent survey system on the apron, addressing aircraft, vehicles and people's presence and movements.

The system automatically checks the sequence and timing of movements on the airport apron. It monitors the aircraft parking zone where individuals, objects and vehicles can be identified and tracked. Therefore, it built a real-time three-dimensional representation of activities and movements, which can be interpreted by an intelligent computer program.


AVITRACK addresses three specific strategic priorities:

AVITRACK reports information for supervision in real time but also for post analysis. Thanks to this tool, each decision-maker will be given the potentiality to react more rapidly and precisely.

European Project

Project Homepage: http://www.avitrack.net/ (external link)

Last modified: 2005-07-05