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Evaluation of video scene understanding

Project objectives

Video surveillance is an important application of computer vision. Many years of research and experimentation have led to the development of innovative commercial applications. Nevertheless, video sequence analysis and interpretation is still a very active research area.

In the meantime, the maturity of this technology favours the realisation of a comparative study between existing methods.

Project ETISEO seeks to work out a new structure contributing to an increase in the evaluation of video scene understanding; with the active participation of industrialists and many research laboratories, such as French, European and International partners.

Project ETISEO focuses on the treatment and interpretation of videos involving pedestrians and (or) vehicles, indoors or outdoors, obtained from fixed cameras.

This project is part of the Techno-Vision evaluation network funded by the French ministry of defence and the French ministry of research.


Project ETISEO is planned over two years: the first year is dedicated to data acquisition, metrics and evaluation definition and validation, while the second year will entain running the real evaluation. ETISEO began in the first trimester in 2005.

Three seminars during project life will allow partners and participants to share and collaborate with ETISEO:

All teams from all over the world are welcome to participate at the evaluation process at any time during the ETISEO project.

Diffusion & dissemination

At the end of the project, ETISEO dataset and evaluation tools should constitute a reference in "vehicles and pedestrians scene understanding".

Therefore, resources generated during the project: videos, ground-truth, and evaluation tools, will be made public and accessible on the Internet. Any laboratory should then be able to run its methods using the dataset and compare its results with those of the ETISEO evaluation.

Project Homepage: http://www-sop.inria.fr/orion/ETISEO/ (external link)

Last modified: 2005-07-05