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Video-based Threat Assessment and Biometrics Network

About ViTAB

Driven by our end-users - the UK's Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO) and Police Scientific Development Branch (PSDB), the objective of the ViTAB network is to promote those video-interpretation technologies most likely to reduce the level of crime in town centres, public transport and sensitive sites. Emphasis will be given those technologies that will improve the effectiveness of CCTV control room operations, or that enable identification and authentication capability to improve on the protection of buildings and other commercial and public assets.


Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the ViTAB network will bring together academics, technology providers and police-service end-users to influence research activity within the computer vision research community. To achieve this purpose, the network will adopt a mix of roadmapping, workshop, partnership facilitation, dissemination, and technology-transfer activities to promote a prioritised set of policing capabilities.

Project Homepage: http://vitab.net (external link)

Last modified: 2005-07-05