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PETS: Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance


PETS'2007 will be held in conjunction with ICCV'07 on October 14th 2007 in Rio de Janeiro. For further details, please see the workshop web page located here.

The PETS'2006 proceedings are available online. You can download an electronic copy here (PDF, 8Mb).

On-Line Performance Evaluation Service

The PETS Metrics On-Line Evaluation Service is a new initiative to automate the performance evaluation process, and to provide to the community an evolving online repository of datasets, metrics and results.

Data Sets

Warning: ftp://ftp.pets.rdg.ac.uk is not listing files correctly on some ftp clients. If you experience problems you can connect to the http server at http://ftp.pets.rdg.ac.uk.

If you are seeking datasets on which to test visual surveillance algorithms, you may wish to consider the PETS data sets (many of which are in the repository ftp://ftp.pets.rdg.ac.uk, use anonymous login). The datasets include the following:

Problems accessing the data? Send an e-mail to d.j.thirde@rdg.ac.uk to request help.

Previous Workshops

You may also find it useful to download and reference the proceedings for previous VS and PETS workshops available as follows:

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