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Please note: This software is no longer maintained. A more recent version may be obtained from Nils Siebel


The Reading People Tracker

This page is the Reading People Tracker's home page where you can download its source code for free.

The Reading People Tracker is a software for tracking people in camera images for visual surveillance purposes. It originates from research work on people tracking for automatic visual surveillance systems for crime detection and prevention. It was built within the context of two PhD theses (by AM Baumberg and NT Siebel) and contains state-of-the art image processing algorithms. It is easily maintainable and well documented. Therefore it can (and has already been) easily be adapted to new requirements and different projects. The Reading People Tracker contains the necessary functionality to read video sequences from hard disk or a video camera (IEEE1394/DV), to manipulate the images with image filters and to analyse them with a number of detection and tracking modules.

Source Code

The source code of the Reading People Tracker is available for download below. The terms of the license can be found in the file COPYRIGHT which is part of the software package.

Important Notes

Copyright Notice

Although the source code is available for download it comes with its own terms of use and copyright restrictions. The software license which applies to the Reading People Tracker and all material that comes with it (unless otherwise stated) is a modified version of the GNU GPL. The terms of the license can be found in the file COPYRIGHT which is part of the software package. In effect it allows the use of the material under the GNU GPL with the exception that the software and all parts of it may NEVER BE USED FOR ANY MILITARY PURPOSE, whether it be research or not, commercial or otherwise.

The Source Code

Available for download: Reading People Tracker final release 1.25,

Version 1.12 of the Reading People Tracker Reference Manual as compressed PostScript (688 KB) or PDF (2 MB),

Example configuration, model and calibration files. Please note that these example files are provided for your convenience only and may not be re-distributed in any way.

Necessary External Libraries

The Reading People Tracker uses external libraries for mathematics, XML and graphical display:

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