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Current Research Vacancies

The current vacancies are available within the group:

Research Positions


If you are a company or academic partner who are interested in collaborating with us on existing projects or future project proposals (e.g. EU or EPSRC projects), please contact us.

Visiting Positions

If you are a researcher or Ph.D. student and are interested in a visiting position/placement to work with us on existing projects, please contact us.

Contact information

James Ferryman,
Computational Vision Group,
School of Systems Engineering,
P.O. Box 225, Whiteknights,
Reading, UK, RG6 6AY. (map)
Tel: +44 118 931 8611, Fax: +44 118 975 1822.
E-mail: j.m.ferryman@rdg.ac.uk

Last modified: 2013-09-20